Cards that blacklist or don't forget

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Go for the Optima, it through thier OASIS program and it is a great way to re-establish yourself with them while paying down the old debt.:Dxdancex

Be warned, if you miss one payment, they close the account and send EVERYTHING to collection and your done with them.:shock::oops:



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FBN Marin who is now Credit One keeps a blacklist.

my FBN Marin CC has been off my credit report for a few years now (well over 7 years since I paid off the collection) anyway, I get this pre approval from Credit One, not knowing who they use to be, and so I applied and they said no, you had a CC go bad with us once and you can never have another one....I'm like, who? they said "back when we were FBN Marin"...

on the flip side of the coin, Crap 1 doesn't have a black list, my old one just dropped off my CR about two weeks ago and I applied on line today and got an immediate approval.

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Macy's - they bought the old Burdines. Had a card with Burdines from1979 to 1989 never missed a payment. Divorce in 1990 - small bal w/Burdines charged off and then paid in full in 1991 (full settlement). Applied for Macy's about 3 yrs ago after they had acquired Burdines - turned down because of the old paid CO....:(

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The old Hudson's department store that was bought by Macy's :oops:

Found out first hand when I applied for a Macy's card! Bastages! Have a 747 average and got DENIED point blank!! OUCH.

That was many moons ago too!! At least 15 years agao. AT LEAST. Maybe closer to 20!

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I have 3 charge-offs with them...and they call me daily to offer an Optima card with half the original limit of my previous cards if I pay the full balance. I haven't personally seen this occur, but I hear it from many clients that they get the same offer.

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AMEX holds a grudge.. I had a charge off like 4 years ago. I settled with them and paid half.. I just tryed to apply for a new one and got this.

Thank you for your recent application for Blue from American Express. After reviewing your request, regrettably, we are unable to open an account for you at this time for the following reason(s):

American Express cancelled your previous account(s).

An important notice concerning your rights is included. The creditor is American Express Centurion Bank.

Thank you for your interest in our service.


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Target is really hard core.

My husband had a joint account with his first wife, which went into collections when they split up, she eventually paid it off. They won't let him have one and when I apply I get a note that says I'm associated with another account, when I called to ask, they mean my husband. I didn't even apply with him, but somehow they linked me to him and, thus, someone they blacklisted!

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