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Wells Fargo

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IMO, I have had wells fargo for years, NO LATES EVER and they sold my account to another part of their business and all those years, i have tried 4 times for credit, ALL DENIED, I wouldn't give them a dime, CITIBank is the best!

Thats crazy! The reason I asked is because I bought a new truck in october (before I found this site) and even working with a dealership for 2 years, I couldnt get approved in a good way.

Went to about 4 other dealerships and was just going to settle on a car for a year to rebuild my auto credit and still got declined.

Went to carmax and got approved on a 2004 fully loaded Nissan Titan (nav, leather, sunroof, everythign minus 4wd) with Wells fargo. 0 down at 16% for 72 months. My payments are 575, which I can do, so I went for it.

I figured if they are good at getting people done on CCs and got me approved on an auto loan, then I should be pretty much approved for one. What do yall think?

The truck rocks btw!


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