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Auto Loan/CCs with no Fico score

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Ok so heres my situation. I am in th market for a new car and have tried getting an auto loan for the past month and have been shot down everywhere including roadloans. My Facos were in the mid 600s before all the inqs have dropped them down to the low 600s high 500s. I was wondering why i was i was being denied everywhere so i went over to myfico to sign up...turns out i dont have a fico score bc my CCs havent been reporting for 6 months yet...i still have a month and a half left. So my question is...can i get anyone to finance me at this point, or do i have to wait a month and a half until it 6 months? Is that 6 months the magic # or should i wait any longer then that? Currently i have a cc with Credit One,Valero, and Macys...would any other company approve me with no ficos?Thanks a bunch for any help you can give me.

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I don't even know that you would have much luck after 6 months. :(

And car shopping inquiries shouldn't affect your score. Multiple ones in a 1 or 2 week period only factor into your score as though they were one.

Also, dealerships will run your whole credit report, not just get your score, so they should be seeing what you have open.

Your best bet is either to have a co-signer, or try one of those lots that sell and finance used cars. Not the best option, but better than nothing.

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