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Working on DV, but CA's not reporting to CRA

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Hey, a little new here. I've been DV'ing a bunch of CA's. Some timely, some not.

On all accounts, the OC's list "charged off, closed by grantor" or "in collections" to the CRA, but the CA's are not reporting to the CRA. None of the CA's have responded to 1st or 2nd letters. Do I assume the matter closed? Or do I pursue removing the OC entries from my report on the basis that the accounts are not being verified as "in collections"? I can't dispute CA activity with CRA b/c they are not reporting. Only the OC is reporting. How do I keep the OC or other CA from coming after me in the future w/o any responses to my DV requests?

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How old are the charged-off accounts?

You would dispute the tradelines reporting on your CR's with the CRA's. If your requests to the CA's are timely they must respond or cease all collection activity. If you want to contact OC you can request an investigation from the OC per the FCRA see here .

Good luck. :p

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