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Weirdo score increase on EQ

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I disputed a repo that's showing as a charge-off on EQ. Told 'em paid in full, I don't owe the auto finance co nothing, repo from early 2004. The results came back today, no change. The weird part--my score went up 9 points. :shock: The only thing I can think is that it adds diversity to my CR. Equifax doesn't have my student loans reporting, so I have no installment type debt, just revolving credit and most of those TLs aren't very old. When I disputed the account in December my score went up 3 points, I figured because it was marked as "in dispute" and kind of not being counted. But, it comes back unchanged and my FICO goes up 9 points??? I'm not complaining, I just give up FICO makes no damn sense.

Next week we'll have a lunar eclipse and my FICO will go down 9 points. Makes as much sense.:confused:

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