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Ok I'm a Newbee....


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I have been looking around on this site and I think it is GREAT that there is help out here for the less informed. If this has been out there and I have not found it yet I'm sorry.

The reason I am tring to get my credit cleaned up is I am still under 600 with all my last 3yrs of perfect payment history. And my fiance is over 600 with a BK on record??? I just don't understand it???

My situation is as follows:

TU says I have 6 Adverse Accounts.

1- "placed in collection" past due $91 Date placed 09/04

2- "Placed for collection" past due $106 Date placed 01/05

3- "Paid Collection" past due $0 Date placed 08/02

4- "Paid collection" past due $0 Date verified 12/02

5- "Account closed by credit grantor" Date verified 07/04 shows 3-30day lates.

6- "Closed" Date closed 09/01 2-30 day lates.

5&6 Can I just write a letter to TU and dispute the lateness??

1-3 How should I go after these???

EQ shows 5 Collections 2 unpaid and 3 paid

The unpaid do I start with a DV to the collecters???

And what about the 3 paid???

Also I have a couple judgemants that the 7yrs will be over this year how do I go about removing them???

Like I said before sorry if this is out there but I found all the letters but need to know how to go about my little problem.

Thanks in advance


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First of all - welcome! Glad ya found us! :)++

The first thing to do is always dispute everything negative with the credit bureaus and see waht stays, and what gets deleted.

Here are some links to pages that you will want to bookmark, save, or otherwise have handy throughout your credit repair journey:

Commonly used abbreviations

Main source for info, easy to understand

Primer (and other info too!)

Once your head is spinning with those, take a deep breath or a drink of something strong (or both) :p

And don't forget to have fun!

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