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Opinions for settlement letter please...


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Hello everyone. I'm new and just getting started here and would like to get a few opinions before I send the following settlement letter to a CA for an old medical bill. Please let me know what you think, as any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.




Medicredit Corp

PO Box 7206

Columbia, MO 65205

I recently reviewed my credit report and noticed a collection account with your company identified by account # XXXXXXXXX with the major credit reporting bureaus. It states that the amount owed on the account is $125.00. I am not aware of this account as I have always carried health insurance which would cover any medical services. However, I do understand that this account is causing a negative impact on my credit reports and would like to settle this account. I have included details of the proposed settlement below. Please review and notify me in writing at the address above, of your acceptance of the proposed settlement including the specific proposals below in clear language.

For the sake of brevity I am not requesting a lengthy validation of this debt. Upon receipt of your written acceptance I will submit payment in full. As I have not validated this debt and have no knowledge of the account I am not admitting ownership of said account, only that I will settle the debt in full, without validation, with the express stipulation that this account be permanently deleted from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. I would also like confirmation that this account will not be reported ever again upon complete deletion.

I appreciate your prompt attention and assistance in this matter. I would also like to request that if you have a need to contact me, please do so only via mail at the address listed above.



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