Letter to your mortgage servicer.

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Question for those that might know. I am current in my loan with Case, the problem lies in that they claim this year that my escrow account is way low this year and are charging me a little more than a hundred dollars a month extra to catch it up. I know that my county screwed it up some, but are suppose to be making it right.

So, will the original letter on here help me to find out whats going on and straighten it out?

Thanks guys, and gals.

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now we need a question list for debt collections (credit card [fees], medical [overcharge])


I tell the phone people I have an attorney and they must stop, they may snail mail to request contact information AND a debt summary


By making myself a more difficult target they typically move along quietly

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Good stuff.

As soon as I get my scores up, gonna refinance, so might be a good time to shake the tree.

Would this be a good platform in getting some reporting lates modified is there's some malfeasance in the findings?


My mortgage is current, etc. but in 2010 or so, had some financial difficulties and had to work out a restructuring with them.

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