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Oops I crapped my pants

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Work safe, its an SNL skit

OK, so I saw that on the 3rd HSBC took the 29 dollar fee out of my account and i haven't heard anything from them. I called today and they needed to verify my information and I got approved for

HSBC Mastercard CL 300

In December I applied for the Union Plus and was denied, on the same call this morning I asked for a reconsider and they approved me for a 3000 CL with 1.9 apr for the first six months. Then the lowest APR they have of 13%.

When he said that, after getting the 300 from HSBC, I crapped my pants :-(

Yay, I'm so happy!!

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its kinda like this, citi gave me 1150 for sears :( then i applied for a shell mastercard plat, 6g! Then a citi plat select 3200, all these are from the same place and all within a month lol, i merged my 6g card with my 3200 because the good int rate

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yeah, I don't understand how with the same report with the same company one card gives me 300 and the other 3k?

Thus the theory of the little guy in a windowless room shooting dice. Apparently you got all 7's.

Congratulations. :mrgreen:I wish someone other than fricking Sterling would give me a $3000 limit.

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