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Call to animal lovers - help for an abandoned cat

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Ok, I promised I would post this here once my friend out in Seattle got things set up. He found an awfully pretty kitty wandering around while he was out hiking. He got it off the road and the cat followed him home. He took it to the vet, discovered the cat had been chipped and the cat's name is Michael. The vet also found the owner.. he had DUMPED THE CAT intentionally and will not take him back !! GRRRRRRRR...... ::thunderously::

Anyway, my friend is asking for a bit of help to pay a very large vet bill for Michael. He's apparently used to being in a loving home and has a very sweet purrsonality. Forrest, like many of us here, is in a bit of a financial bind and just wants to get the vet paid. Anything over and above the vet bill that is donated will go to a local no-kill shelter to help other abused and abandoned animals.

You can read Michael's story and see photos of him here:


Donate if the spirit moves you.

Thanks !!! :D

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WHat's the background on this guy? I'm sorry but $500 really doesn't sound like a lot, and I'm a student that only works weekends. I'm used to $300 just for an ear-cleaning for my lab every other month. Is a world wide web fund-raiser really necessary?

Just seems like a smart guy, nice site, clean and updated.... just thinking maybe a little too smart. Sorry for my skepticism, I know you're a standup person LADY.

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Naaah.. Forrest is not a scammer. I can understand where you're coming from though with all the 'donation schemes' we've seen on the web, but we've all been in tight spots. Just last month he sank every penny of his savings into a car (a reasonable one). He's got a longish commute to work (expensive to live IN Seattle) and his old car was breaking down all the time. So, he's short on cash and veterinarians like to be paid. He's a programmer, web/SQL and he isn't making big bucks. He'd like to make it as a freelance photographer, his photos are very nice, but that's not exactly going to bring him lots of money in a hurry either. He has no family where he is, so no one to ask for temporary loan. $500 isn't a HUGE amount, but it's more than he has right now - been there, done that. Like I said.. if the spirit moves you.. if not.. don't. ;). People who abuse animals, and that includes abandoning them, are reprehensible in my book, so I was willing to try to help. The owner of that cat could have taken him to a no-kill shelter instead of dumping him :mad:.

$300 for cleaning a dog's ears ?? Wow... I work full time and make a decent living and I wouldn't want to be paying $1800/year for that... see we all have our priorities ;)

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Um, typically if a pet is chipped, the registered owner is responsible. He has a slam dunk civil suit to get the $500 from the registered owner, however, how did he know about the chip? He would have had to go to the shelter, in which they usually contact the owner and go through formal proceedings from there. I know way too much about animal rights laws, and I'm sorry but this is fishy, or your friend, the pound, and the vet all made mistakes. :hmm:

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