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DA: I-495 tragedy murder-suicide

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WTF and OMG!


The shocking death of two young children on Interstate 495 last week is being ruled a double-murder and suicide, as authorities say an aunt stripped off her clothes and the clothes of her niece and nephew leading them to their deaths on the highway.

Kaleigh Lambert, 6, and her brother, Shane Lambert, 4, were killed after being hit by two cars last Friday at 9 p.m., the DA’s office announced this afternoon.

An autopsy on the children and the aunt by the state’s Chief Medical Examiner’s office ruled the deaths to be “homicide/suicide by blunt force trauma as a result of the motor vehicle collisions,” the DA states.

Authorities say they now believe the aunt, Marcelle “Marci” Thibault, 39, of Bellingham, first drove across the median strip of the highway and began driving against oncoming traffic before stopping then walking the children onto the highway to their deaths.

She first removed her “clothes and the clothes of the children” before taking the children in her arms and walking into traffic, authorities say today. They were hit twice, once in the “right or middle lane” and again “in the left lane” by two motorists traveling on I-495 north.

Thibault had a brief history of mental illness, authorities added today.

Both drivers are also not facing charges, the DA states.

“Based on our investigation, we believe that Ms. Thibault took her niece and nephew and walked with them into oncoming traffic on Route 495, tragically resulting in the deaths of the two young children while taking her own life in the process,” Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone said today.

All three victims were buried this week, with the children buried yesterday following a funeral Mass in North Reading.

In a statement relased today, the Bellingham, N.H., parents of the children said through a spokesman: “This is a time of terrible tragedy for our families. We love Marci, Kaleigh, and Shane and we miss them very much. We ask everyone to join us in prayer for their souls, and to help us get through this most difficult period of our lives,” writes family friend Paul Young.

There was no indication that the car Thibault was driving had malfunctioned in any way, the DA added.

“The facts of this matter make it a truly heart-wrenching case, with troubling and very difficult findings," said Leone in a statement. "We want to offer our deepest condolences to the parents of Kaleigh and Shane, as well as the husband of Ms. Thibault, and all family members.”

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Something like that happened a couple of years ago in Toronto. A father took his daughter and dropped her over a highway overpass into incoming traffic and then jumped after her.

Miracuously, the little girl survived and didn't have too serious of an injury, the father on the other hand was struck and killed by 2 different cars.

Amazing what people will do.

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Leone said Thibault had received treatment for mental illness.

Young described it as an isolated incident in her life, within the past year.

"She appeared to be fully recovered from that, and there was no indication of a relapse," he said.

Mental illness is like a cold. Grab a bottle of NyQuil, stay in bed, and drink plenty of fluids. Cured!

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