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Student Loan Late Payment


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My student loan recently came out of forbearance and prior to the forbearance I had it set up on automatic payments from my checking account. The problem is, I switched bank accounts and forgot to update my account information while I was in forbearance status. This was compounded by the fact that I also moved twice in the span of 2 months, including moving to another state in October. By the time I remembered about my student loan in October I was 60 days late. I talked to my lender, who extended my forbearance so that I am not considered late, however they have said in a phone conversation that they will not remove the 60 day mark because even though my forbearance was applied retroactive to a prior date, before I made the arrangements to extend my forbearance the account actually was 60 days late. This is the first late that I have had since I started my credit repair, and it especially hurts because it is so recent. I plan to write a letter to the lender explaining all this, but what can I do in this situation if they still don't remove the late?

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