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Car salespersons at it again


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My mother is in the market for a car. She finally decided to go for a used trailblazer. Wanted certified. Paying cash.

Found one near where she lives on net. Good price '05 (I think). pretty loaded. certified. Just what she needed and wanted. Spoke with salesperson several times confirming that she was interested. Had friend go to look at the car before she got there (she was out of town). Friend says, not a mechanic but car looks good, drives well. Good deal.

Mother gets to dealership yest. Salesperson says he took car for drive (prepping for her arrival) and smelled something burning (it was some heating coil or whatever). It was being fixed. Confirmed price again. Would call today.

Well low and behold after waiting all morning no call, so she calls. Her salesperson is out today (she already knew this) but person who was helping says cant sell for price already quoted, but price is JUST $500 more. NOT. She told him she had cashiers check for agreed amount and that is all they would get. He tries to turn up the pressure about car, kinda getting cocky and because she already knows how long the car has been there (on lot for 48 days), she says well it isn't flying off the lot. he continues to press and she hangs up.

Her salesperson then calls back and says what happened what can I do. "I thought we were becoming friends" LOL. Then he says you have to understand, repairing the heating coil or whatever cost us 2000+ and something else he stated, but bottom line is give us 500 more.

She had decided to walk away from the deal and find something else. She did put a call into the owner, but hasn't had any success as of yet. I am wondering if he will even call back.

Dang car salespeople. Uggh! I hate the car buying process.

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I call BS!!!

It's CERTIFIED! It's UNDER WARRANTY! didn't cost um a dime to fix it.

It *might* be just out of warranty (3 year, 36K) but when I bought my bu they put a 3K b to b warranty on top of the 5/100K power train warranty.

Don't let them BS you. 2K to a dealer for repairs means that thing was a lemon and best left on the lot. Remember, they don't pay what you would pay for the same repair. Probably cost them 500 to fix it, of which GM should foot the bill for them.

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salesperson called back, twice.

First time, well we can cut 500 to 350. and I won't make any commission.

Mother says, can't do anything more than what we agreed upon.

Second time, well, if we can do agreed price when can you pick it up?

she is supposed to go this evening. We'll see what happens.

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I guess I'm lucky. I've been using the same guy for years. He got so PO'ed working at dealiers he started his own business and is now a broker. I have never paid dealer price in over 20 years. I just make one call, tell him what I want and he takes care of the rest. I pay wholesale plus a little to him. I go to the dealer where he found the car, take the keys and drive off not having to go through the dog and pony show. It's a gas watching the salesmen get miffed when they find out I bought the car through a broker. 8-)

If you can find a good broker, they are worth their weight in gold. Even if you are looking for used, the good brokers can help with that too.

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I have followed the sames sales guy from lot to lot. Started off with a Kia, then a Oldsmobile then a chevrolet, then a Mazda.. He's selling Toyotas now...

They keep firing him because he is not a salesman. You tell him I want to spend X, he shows you cars that are roughly X, not more like most. He does not push you to make the sale. He lets the car and you do that on your own. I've sold cars before and I handled things the same way he does. Either you fall in love with the car, or you don't. The sales training they give them is basically, make the most $ on the car, who cares if they really want it. Just get them to sign!!!

ohhh how I'd love a Tundra Crew Cab.... (stop it merkurfan.. no more loans... you owe how much again on the bu???)

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