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What about this response from National City Visa??

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I was app-whoring last night (it's a disease, I tell you) and I applied for the National City Visa. The response I got is as follows:

"Your application has been assigned to a National City Product Specialist. This professional will personally review your application and work with you to open your account.

You should be contacted by us within 1-2 business days."

So, what does that mean?? Do I get it? I tried calling today and the guy who answered said: "Oh that's not showing in our system yet. Call back tomorrow it'll be in the system and we can help." I have to tell you they have the happiest CSRs I've ever talked to. The guy was terminally cheerful. I'm not used to cheerful, polite service, I'm from Philly.

Anyone else have this card? What were your scores when you got it?

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Never heard of it - how did it turn out?

The answer was "no", but the CSR was super nice. I told him that things were going to be coming off that credit report shortly and he gave me his direct extension, so when (if) it happens I can call him and he'll help underwrite me (that's how me said it). They do have the happiest and nicest CSRs.

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Any insight to what they were looking for? Report have to be completely clean or what? Any mention of scores?

Oh yeah, who'd they pull??

They pulled TU and that score is somewhere around 620-630. The reasons were the usual, delinquincies, recent late payments, blah, blah. I have a couple of old charge-offs due to drop off, but what I really think is killing me are the two collections, one of which is reporting like a regular account, not as a collection so every month it shows a late payment. I keep disputing it with both the creditor and TU and it does no good. I don't think that the repo helps either, but the repo is almost four years ago and the two charge-offs are 6-7 years old, they can't be hurting me as much.

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