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Collecting on a default judgement in Louisiana


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I have been fighting Ford Motor Credit since 1998. I purchased a truck from them in 1998. Shortly after that I could no longer afford it.

I called to have it refinanced and was told I had to wait 2 years. Within those 2 years I tried repetedly to trade it in or sell it only to find out my intrest rate was so high (18%) I could not get out from under it.

Sometime in 2000 I gave up and let them know I could not afford it and to come get it.

Thinking I was through with everything I recieved a letter in the mail years later that I owed 12,000 or so with intrest and fees. They sold the truck, in perfect condition, for 4000 which was way below the value which left me oweing around 8000.

My lawyer had me sign a default judgement saying I would pay 200$ a month till it was paid off.

We went through some hard times and I could no longer afford it and stoped paying. Now a year later I get a notice to appear in court with my w2's, checking and savings info and any titles I own.

Is it to late to fight this or do anything about it? I can not afford a lawyer and will need to do all the work myself. Was the intrest they charged considered usuary?

Sorry for the long post and thanks inadvance for all the help.

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At this point there is not much you can do except cooperate with them in providing information but insist on using every exemption you can so that any garnishment amount is as low as possible.

BK might help you. Look into it.

If your life is portable, it also might make sense to move out of Louisiana to a more debtor-friendly state.

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