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Break out the popcorn... here we go!

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Okay... I'm about to join Amerikaner in the quest to rid the world of annoying and lawbreaking CA's.

I got "dunned" by email months ago. No contact info, no mini-miranda and my name and such plastered all over the text.... can you say VIOLATION? Funniest thing, it isn't even my account at all, it's a pay day loan. I mean, I know my actions screwed with my credit but come on, do I look stupid enough to take out a loan at 600% interest??

No additional correspondence but a sudden appearance of the account on two of the three CRA's, reported incorrectly as an installment loan with a history of late pays???

Fast forward to today.... Three rounds of unanswered DV's and continual reporting and verification of all my disputes... heck, they didn't even bother to add the "in dispute" notation on the reports.

So, the 30 days for that last DV runs out on 1-21-08 so I'm preparing my suit papers. I will file when I get my tax refund money to use for the filing fees and process server.

Pop open a beer and get out some popcorn cause my state has some tough laws about eCommerence, junk email and unauthorized communications that I plan to use on them. Not to mention our lovely consumer protection laws, violations of the FCRA and FDCPA. ::BigGun::

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Uhh, they don't get 30 days with a DV... they can validate 6 years from now and sue if SOL is 7.. However, since you did a timely DV to their un-provable E-mail....

Sue um now. nail um to the wall. Look at my Citi thread, there is part of my complaint that deals with not marking the TL disputed and how to sue for it.

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