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It's days like this I earn what I get paid!!

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Ok work here is just wonderful tonight. The s#*t has literally hit the fan. First, we're on emergency power. Our UPS has 2 condensers that continue to overheat and they diverted power from them. Second, the generator that we have been running on since 7p C has about 6 hrs left on it and is leaking and making disturbing noises. Third, it's located about 2 feet under a main gas line, so if the back up generator goes. BOOM. Fourth, the mainframe had a major meltdown. We have been trying to recover all our data since Wednesday night and it's not working. So, how is YOUR evening? :lol:

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Haa haa, I feel that way some times! Well if you saw my other post for how I chewed out my boss. All this stuff didn't give him enough time to say anything about it since we were the only 2 people here most of the night. As you can see, I'm still alive but it's funny watching the lights dimming.

I do have to say, my boss has been very appreciative of me for all the resource digging I've had to do to try and recoupe data for when everything first started which was last week and someone dropped the ball since then which is what put us in our current situation. :D

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Hey, if I can't leave my chair for anything but to go and pee, damn right I'm at least gonna go on here! I was stuck in the war room alone fixing my end and was not allowed to go anywhere. If I needed anything it was all brought to me. If I'm alone, then I can sneak on and post although I did log off and back on a few times. hee hee :twisted:

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