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Oh, CRUD! Lock your doors & draw the shades...

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I have to split my business out between the neighbor kids. I still have 4 boxes in the freezer from last year! I use the shortbreads for cheesecake crusts instead of graham crackers. They disc'd the cafe cookies they intro'd last year. I'm bummed. They were yummy and good for cheesecake crusts too. My other half is wild about both PB ones. Neither one of us big thin mint fans. I hate when they hit you up in front of the gorcery or video store and you gotta say no....

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When my sister was a girl scout, she got a terrible case of the flu during cookie season, and couldn't go out door to door to sell any. I had a newspaper route back then, back when papers were still delivered door to door by a kid on a bike. Remember those days? I was collecting for my route that saturday, and it took longer than usual because I had taken her cookie order form and told each of my customers that my sister was really sick and she felt bad because she wouldn't be able to get out and sell cookies. They all felt bad for her and they all ordered a few boxes. I had a pretty big route, so it took me two days to cover it all. At the end of the day on sunday, I got home and she was sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket, all bummed out. I handed her her cookie order form and the extra sheets of paper it took for all the sales I made. She had the most sales in her girl scout troop.

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I bought some from Chancy last year. I hope her girls aren't scouts this year! My shrinking waistline won't go for that!!

(((((((((((Thin Mints))))))))))


Well....Well... Well....

Not ONLY are we selling cookies this year... I'm the cookie mom for Taylor's Junior troop AND...Megan is now a brownie selling cookies!!

You gonna tell that face no?????

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Marred memories... so wifey signs the girls up for girl scouts... cool.. .then she's a den mom...whatever... then we're taking on sales for the troop... walls lined with all the cookie boxes, wondering what happens to all those I find opened around the house... assured it's a temporary thing... then sale is apparently over but my house is still full of cookies... then I find out she had "obligated" us to that many in sales... asked for a nice fat check for over $300. Tossed most of them in the garbage that day.

They don't do girlscouts anymore.

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