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Olympic Collections

16040 Christensen rd, suite 214

Seattle Wahington 98188

(post office says this is really a tukwilla address)

253-942-4733, 1-800-891-1054

FAX 253-942-4736

one of thier Atty's

Norman L Martin

p.o box 69667

Seattle ,washington 98168


*personal note here, this guy sends me "proof" i owe ..( medical account ), sends 2 papers on bottom says" Pt agrees to pay XXX" without my sig Hi-lighted even :)

Thanks for helpping me guy

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Allianceone Inc 800-456-8838 717 Constitution Dr Exton, Pa 19341

Assoc/citi Bymailonly 110 Lake Dr Newark, De 19702

Cavalry Portfolio Serv 602-667-0128 4050 E Cotton Center Blv Phoenix, Az 85040

Cit Group Sales Fin 405-945-1400 Po Box 24610 Oklahoma City, Ok


Cred Protections Assoc 800/800-6499 1355 Noel Rd Suite 2100 Dallas, Tx 75240

Er Solutions 800-444-8485 800 Sw 39th St Renton, Wa 98057

Hhld Bank 800/695-6950 Po Box 98706 Las Vegas, Nv 89193

Hsbc/tax 800-524-0628 90 Christiana Rd New Castle, De 19720

Nco Financial 800/240-4442 Edison Avenue, Ste K South Bend, In 46615

Nco-medclr 866-846-5106 Po Box 8547 Philadelphia, Pa 19101

Portfolio Recvry Assoc 800-772-1413 120 Corporate Blvd Ste 1 Norfolk, Va 23502

Tax Master 800-288-3811 8771 W 95th St Overland Park, Ks 66212

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One point to remeber when looking up "collections" in your state, not all are listed under the "abc collections" name on LICENCE, they could be "xyz "operating as "abc collections", you need to look up your states licence department and try the dept of revenue also,(esp if name says INC.) all else fails CALL your dept of Licence and give them a mailing address,dont just depend on what you find on the internet.

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Part 2

Hi, I am new to this forum which is exceptionally informative. Some questions:

How do you deal with JDB (not licensed in your state) represented by lawyers (licensed in your state)..... if in your state lawyers are not subject to FDCPA? Can JDB's simultaneously be assignees and buyers of bad debt?If your acct was charged off by OC, does the JDB have a right to collect from you when you have no contract with them?Can lawyers not governed by FDCPA ignore the 30 day notice to debtors?Is there any govt agency that can hold them liable for misconduct?Do Summons count as part of the 30 day notice?Thanks.

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This came from 2001badyear...some good info here. This is not a complete list of course...so if you have any CA names and numbers calling you - PM me or add it as a reply. Thanks!

I get automated calls from collection agencies which I have hung up on. The phone rings and when you answer a recording states, "If you so-and-so please press...#; this is an attempt to collect a debt...etc.."....what is your take on this?I don't waste my time. I figure if it is important enough a real person, not a recording should be at the other end of the line. I am on the do not call list. Is this a violation and how do we get the telephone # which originated the call?

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I have a new one to add....

Van Ru Credit Corporation

1350 E. Touhy Avenue Suite 300E

Plaines, IL 60018


They've called my house nearly everyday for months and today is the first time they've left a message...and it was a recorded message...not even a live person. I've received NO letter or anything in writing from these nuts. :roll:

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It allows you to enter a phone number you don't recognize and also if you have info on a number you can add it to the list.

Will also show you what other people who have received calls from the number had to say!

Also has direct link so you can report to FTC for violations.

Need an email addy go to company website and find general email format and then use google to find out who works there, Its explained here.



Usually just has companies but will have an occasional email address.

Also helpful!

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What is a reputation cleansing bot?

Who is stive and his alter ego aadii?

I'm lost.

1.i think its a laxative

2.stive is Stevie wonder

3alter ego aadii plays first base for the Yankees

4This is the guy you get when you call customer service

5Also known as bombay bob.xangelx

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1. You have made skittles considerably less enjoyable, next you will be telling me malt balls are carebear scat.

2. I care, stive can't spell I was going to buy him a hooked on phonics cd.

3. No its nothing new I am prepetually lost. Heading south to canada that's me!


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Today i contacted a company called NAR inc about a debt that showed up on my credit report. I told the woman that i would like to set up a payment plan and she said they do not take payments and threatened that i better make payment in full by the 31st of this month or they will take me to court..... keep in mind i have not recived even 1 letter from these people. i just found them on my credit report and initiated the contact myself.... is this legal???? can they sue me if i'm willing to make payments???

someone please help ! I feel so helpless right now !!

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