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Integrity Receivables Management LLC

2801 Wehrle Dr

Buffalo, NY 14221-7381

(716) 626-6204‎


Integrity Asset Management

22 Main St Suite 100

Hamburg , NY 14075

ph: 1-866-563-0760

fax: 716-312-6048

alt: 716-312-6045

These are both in the Buffalo, NY area.

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Guest bnm1224
This came from 2001badyear...some good info here. This is not a complete list of course...so if you have any CA names and numbers calling you - PM me or add it as a reply. Thanks!

Anyone have the number for Appleton Capital LLc or know who bought their debt?

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I would write a letter to the collection agency asking that all further correspondence be via letter. Dont call them any more They have caller ID you know.

I would try to go back to the county where the debt was originated and see if he owes it.

Shesh and the fact that its 12 years old would worry me too. Statue of limitations?

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Guest warrant12

I recently got something in the mail from first national Collections Bureau inc. they are out of sparks Nevada. I was wondering if someone new something about them? Many thanks in advance

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Any body know of the Law Offices Of Joe Pezzutto out of AZ? They harassed family and non family members trying to located me. they said they were an attorney looking for me. They called my brother's father-in-law who I have met once 8 years ago and lives in another state.

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Guest emptypockets


I have been hounded by these people and I am unemployed, and under medicl care for cancer. This company is horriable and has gone after thousands, they are unethical, rude and they tell you what they will except, not what you can afford.

You make arrangements with them and start paying and they sneakaly go to the court and put a judgement on your credit, and then still wan't you to pay them. For my last payment I did not send, and they went to court 10 days later and froze my checking account. I had to go to the Bank and sign a release form to them to send them a check.

I am living on a very small retierment of $1004.00 a month and she took $537.08 of my $1004.00. I am seriousley looking in to a Civil Lawsuit against this Company, witch is owend by two Attorney's. I will give you the name of this Company and if you would be so kind as to pull it up on the computer, there are tons of storries just like mine.I don't have any one supporting me..

This is my only income and they know it, and just don't care.

I have heard through the grapevine that this company also buy's charged off accounts and then comes after us.. And if that is the case, I do know that that is Illegal.

If you have any information that could help me, as far as were to start on getting a pettion started on line or maybe any Attorney's or Parallegals that might like too help in this matter.

The company is as follows:

Dominion Law Associates

Attorneys And Counselors At Law

222 Central Park Ave, Suise 210

Virginia Beach, VA. 23462-3026


I would like to be the next Erin Brauchavitch to do some good for "The People"

Sincerley Yours,


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Dekalb County Solutions, INC

P.O.Box 447

Syncamone, Ill 60178


NASTY, NASTY, NASTY, they threatened me over and over. With a debt that was 20+ years old. The women who kept called me, wouldn't listen to me, I would ask for her to validate the debt and she told me she didn't have to do, since I owned this. So I sent a DV letter, then received 2 more calls. I returned call, with the returned receipt with the name of the person who signed it and I read the letter to the B*itch. I explained to her that she was in violation of federal law, I explained that if I get one more call from her company since they can not validate this debt. I explained that if I get any more calls, she was going to listed on the law suit. I never heard from them ever again....

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Domestic Address:



Phones: (800) 403-9628, (904) 645-0049

Web-site: www.payerc.com

Presented on Facebook.

Status in Arizona:

Arizona Corporate Commission:

File Number: F-0993449-8 WITHDRAWAL IN PROGRESS - 08/20/2010



Arizona Dept of Financial Institutions:

License Renewal in Progress

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