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Got another Ipod question

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Here's what Apple recommends you do:


Note: This article is for Windows users. If you have a Mac, we have a separate article for you if your iPod doesn't appear in iTunes or on the Mac desktop. If you have an iPod touch, check this document.

Can't see your iPod in iTunes or Windows Explorer? Remember these five basic suggestions when you run into a problem with your iPod. If one of the following doesn’t help, read on for solutions to specific problems. If Windows sees the iPod but iTunes 7 does not, then see this article first.

Tip: Check Device Manager first (right-click on My Computer, choose Manage, and then select Device Manager). If no devices appear in the Windows Device Manager, go here.

Before starting, make sure your iPod is fully charged and then toggle the Hold switch on and off.

Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall , Restore

Click here to go through the 5 R's of iPod troubleshooting, which most of the time will solve your problem. If you're still experiencing the issue after going through each of the steps, then continue on for more suggestions.

Still can't see your iPod?

Several things could keep iPod from appearing in iTunes or Windows Explorer. The most likely causes are listed below—you'll find information for both USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) iPod connections. Check each one starting from the top of the list to see if that is what's keeping iPod from appearing.

i think resetting your IPOD is the first thing. I've had that happen a few times to me, i rest the nano and it worked again just fine.

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I figured it out but it's the craziest thing. I had to unconnect my new Lexmark printer/scanner/fax/copier. As soon as I disconnected that, then hooked up the Ipod again it recognized it instantly.

Both batteries were fully charged since we have a Bose Ipod Player that charges the Ipod.

I dunno. Bizarre!!!

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heres a tip, USB printer create a virtual printer port, if you disconnect USB items without using the remover hardware safely wizard, it will consider the post busy...since the printer was removed the the system and it's an installed device...the computer scanned for devices and with none present it reopened the USB ports.

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