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Experian/Chase Mtg fixed report....now for EQ ?


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Experian did it's job !

A few years ago, I sold a home. During the selling process, I didnt pay the last 2 notes, as I had a contract on it and was sure the sale would go through. As you might expect, I got late notices from Chase mtg before I closed the deal. I sold the home, paid off the mtg and went on my merry way.

BUT...Chase decided to mark my account as :

"Sold after FORECLOSURE STARTED"...which was a crock.

Last year I called Chase and they sent me a letter, saying that they sent it to the attorney on such and such date, and I paid the home off 4 days later....so foreclosure had been started according to them. NOT SO !

I never agreed with them and couldnt get any relief.....so I just let it slide until last week.

Used an old dispute number and back doored EXP. Then I disputed the Chase MTG as : " There was NEVER any foreclosure. I sold home and paid it off. No attorney EVER contacted me in any fashion"

Got the results today and it updated to :

"Paid/Closed/90 days"

Better than "foreclosure started", but it wasnt even 90 days late. So I'll deal with that too.

They had an option on the web page that allows EXP to send this updated info to anyone who's pulled my EXP CR in the past 6 months, if I want. One of them is MY FICO...that I pulled, myself.

My question is this:

If I allow them to send the updated info the myfico, .does anyone think that the other two CRAs will give me the same update without my having to dispute them too ?

Hopefully, the word "foreclosure" being removed from my EXP report will give my score a bump.

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All the CRAs seemed to have now changed the report, by deleting the word "foreclosure". That's a good thing because there NEVER was a foreclosure in 2005 !

Got a scorewatch alert from EQ today, saying that the score increased by 2 points....so I'm guessing that they did it too.

TU and EX did change it, because I saw it. I havent looked at EQ yet.....I just noticed the score increase.

Two baddies left...and they are old. One is paid and the other is past SOL date. Going to work on them this weekend.

Thanks to everyone on this board for all the info ! You guys/gals are great ! :)++

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