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Collection Problem W/Verizon Input Appreciated


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Verizon is horrible. I started disputing and requesting verfication last year. They play stupid all the time. Originally it was listed by both verizon and a collection agency as a collection.

I disputed with the CRA's and sent request for Validation. The collection agency removed it but Verizon sent me letter stating they had no info on this account.

They continued to report. So I sent a copy of their letter to the CRA's and requested they remove the account. They responded that it had been verified, to contact the creditor.

So I send Verizon another letter, and a copy of their letter stating they have not such account and requested validation under the FDCPA. They respond months later that they are not oblicaged under the FDCPA because they are the creditor.

I send another letter saying that under the FCRA Act they must povide poof of this debt and proof that it is mine. I write that even though I quoted the wrong act, it is clear from my letter that I am disputing this debt and requesting a copy of their investigation and that perhaps the Courts will agree that they were not obligated to respond because the wrong act was quoted, but perhaps not.

They send me another letter saying that they are not bound by the FDCPA and that if my client wants copies of the bill (from 2003) to have them call the number on page 2.

These people are pushing me beyond all reason. I am frustrated. I am sure that I will figure out what to do but right now I am flabbergasted.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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