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just drop out-notify OC of no assets etc?


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my other posts had wonderful replies, especially the ones advising me to keep out of my daughter's business, but she really does need the help,

due to loss of job, home, etc she is left without assets, I am here to tell you she has nothing but a few, and I mean few clothes, she is living by the kindness of family, looking for another job, etc,

yes she should not have run up all those ccs, but they were here only way to eat and pay for her housing these last months, she kept hoping she would get another job, and up till this month had excellent credit, never missing a payment,

she is now just wanting to disappear, she has lost the taste for ever owning a home or car, besides she does not even have a drivers license, yes she may someday, but she nor I have the funds for a BK,

so the question is should she write a letter to each of the cc explaining she has no assets, she cannot pay anything, ask them to close the acct and send the cut up card back?

she is prepared to deal with the collections, if they can find her, but just not right now,

your advice would be appreciated

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As long as she ows money she can't and they won't close the account but yes she should cut-up the cards yesterday if she still has them.

It never hurts to try and deal with whoever issued the cards but the only thing that is really going to help her is a job, maybe two or three or four jobs.

They may not be jobs she likes but there are plenty of jobs out there; they may not be glamerous or have a nice office but they are there.

She has dug a deep hole for herself and she needs as big of a shovel as she can get.

Note that all the above is for HER to do - you still need to say out of her business...you can offer advice if she seeks it from you and you can be an emotional support for her but SHE got herself where she is today and SHE is the only one who can decide to do something about it and then go do it.

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Sometimes, the best course of action is to do nothing.

If they can't pay, no need in contacting creditors . After a few months, they'll figure it out.

They don't need harrassement on top of looking for work. Don't give creditors any contact info.

Just leave it alone. First priority is the daughter getting a job.

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