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Should I nail AFNI?


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Sorry for yet another thread, but Ladies and gentlemen, I've caught AFNI reaging my accounts!!!

Today i received a copy of my equifax credit report dated the 14th. On it is an old cingular debt. Of particular interest is the fact that the DOLA was 8/2004, yet the DOFD was 1/2007! In addition, cingular is supposed to send me docs on this debt i supposedly owe. The only cingular phone i ever had was PIF when i cancelled the account. I am also going to bug them for the date the account first went delinquent. Cingular has already stated to me that the account was 'written off' in 2005, so the DOFD would have to be before that. I will then have enough evidence to go after AFNI.

So should I go after AFNI? I already DVed them with the 2 accounts I have with them, so far they haven't responded, but they still have 17 days. I intend on waiting until the end of the DV before i do anything.

Also, does anyone know what the SOL is on cell phone accounts? This account was applied for online with a 2 year 'contract'. Nothing was written/signed.

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