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Bikini Bottom

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A few weeks ago I bought a playstation 2 video game, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom...

Now here is a question I have. Are these games really intended for kids or for adults. My three year old loves to play it but he really cannot finish the game because of how complicated it is. He just loves being Sponge Bob or Patrick or Sandy and running all over Bikini Bottom.

My wife has spent the past few weeks intently playing it and it has been very challenging for her (the more complicated it is, the more she likes a game). She has consulted the cheats numerous times and I just wonder if these games are really for adults. I don't see how a little kid can finish it although a bigger kid probably doesn't want to play Sponge Bob...

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I love Spongebob. I have his theme as my ringtone! I think all of the higher end game consoles are geared towards the older teens and young adults but hell I'm 40 ish and spend hours playing Guitar Hero 3 and Halo 3. Even the DW has been playing GH3 and we had to go out and buy a second guitar so we can both play! Kinda makes the kids a little PO'd because we're all fighting over who gets to play.

Thanks for the insight. My wife and I were kind of embarassed to say that we liked the Battle for Bikini Bottom video game. We just figured that there was no way a little kid could solve it because of how complicated it was.

And we experience the exact same thing too! Our son is so annoyed because my wife spends more time on it than he does. I was wondering if other parents were experiencing the same thing. Again, too embarassed to ask...

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