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Did I Goof Up?

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Hi everybody

Long story short.I had a old PROVIDAN on all 3 reports.So i disputed them with all 3 CRA as to old to report [i stopped paying on them sometime in 2001] and they were deleted.Now i get a dunning letter from FIRST NATIONAL COLLECTION BUREAU for this account.So i DV them. Now i have ASSET reporting this on all 3 reports.I look closer at the dunning FNCB sent me and they are collecting for there client ASSET.My DV to FNCB was timely but more than 30 days have passed to DV ASSET now.Ive have never received any thing from ASSET.Should i DV ASSET and try the 1-2 punch?Or is my DV to FNCB good enough?This SOL to collect on[6 years in ma] but not to report they were due to fall off in OCT 2008.THANKS

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As you mentioned the state sol has expired, but as you mentioned, the credit reporting Sol of seven years is not up until 10/2008. So in a sense, you screwed up, because you woke up sleeping giants. And now they know they have a live annoyed unhappy camper. Which will cause great joy in the FNCB and Asset camps

So bottom line, given the State Sol, the CRA listing is the only hold they have on you and they know it. It may be fair for the CRA's to list FNCB or Asset, but its not fair to list both.

So a whole set of letters may be in order. You need to inform the CRA's that they can list the alleged debt once and only once, and again DV FNCB and Asset pointing out the same along with your DV request.

If they persists with the dual listings on your CRA, you may be able to sue them. And you can also complain to your State AG who may or may not be helpful. But since your State SOL is pretty well an affirmative defense, you can shoot back at them with impunity. Be polite but firm. And be sure to let them know you understand what the State SOl is. And you establish a paper trail of negligence if they fail, to do the proper things.

With luck you will force them off before 10/08, but come 10/08 you will also have the CRA's on notice that this listing MUST DROP.

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