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Negotiate settlement on judgment, what to make sure and negotiate?

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My husband has a judgment against him in the amount of $13,000. Original amount was for just over $5000.

Last week they cleaned out our bank accounts for $3000. We need to settle with them to get this off our back. They said they wouldn't settle for less than a total of $8000.

When negotiating, what else do we need to make sure we get besides just the monetary amount? I thought I read somewhere about making sure they don't file a tax form?

Also, can they sell any remaining balance on the judgment?

Is there anything else we need to be aware of when corresponding to the lawyers?

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The things you mentioned are what you want to include. terms of the settlement, whether or not they will have the judgment vacated (not sure if this can be done), and selling balance of the judgment. With the taxes, were you talking about the 1099?

Watch out for garnishments.

Good luck

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