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Newbie Q - 5+yr old ph bill collection


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I am a newbie trying to fix a bad mark in my CR. All posts I could find were dealing with credit/loan issues than BILLs.

Any helps/advices/tips are greatly appreciated. (Sorry about the long post.)

The Situation

I have a collection item for $844 for a South Western Bell (SBC) phone account. I got billed $8/min for phone calls (instead of $0.30/min) for several months, due to the reason that I was misinformed by their customer support team. I cancelled the service in late 2002 and did not pay the bill.

The collection agency is the infamous MIDLAND CREDTI MGMT. Since 2003 or so, I have been ignoring the phone calls and the couple of letters I received.

The money I actually owe them is ~$200, and I don’t mind paying that to get out of this.

The OC company South Western Bell (SBC) is no more and has merged with AT&T.


1 ) The actual amount from the last bill is $843.65, But MIDLAND has reported it as $844 in TU report and $844 and $842 (twice) in EX.

My account was with ‘SOUTH WESTERN BELL’ aka SBC aka SWBell. But MIDLAND has reported it as ‘SOUTHWEST BELL’.

Would these mismatches be of any help to get them removed?

2) In the Credit reports, the “Date opened” is 12/2005 , “Reported Since” is “12/2002” , “Estimated date that this item will be removed” is 12/2009.

How to know if SOL over for TEXAS?.

3) In the EX report, MIDLAND has posted DUPLICATE (2) entries. The amount is $2 less in the second entry. Midlands address is different(First one is their AZ address and 2nd is CA address!) , but the both are from MIDLAND CREDTI MGMT.

Isn’t that a violation ?

Would any experts here kindly advice some strategy/tips on how to go about fixing this ? Can I follow the DV flowchart?

Thanks in advance….

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Yes, follow the DV flowchart. Dispute the account as "not mine" with all three bureaus, while also sending DV letters to the CA/JDB.

If you didn't already know, there is no such thing as an untimely DV in Texas. The creditor is likely to respond to your DV letter stating that you had to have disputed within 30 days of their initial notice. If that happens, write them back and tell them to review Texas state law. They must provide you with proper validation or cease collection activities.

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