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Anyone Else Having Trouble With WhoGaveMeCredit?

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I've tried for the past three days to navigate the site. I get the main page just fine, but none of the search links will open.

I've tried with two different PCs on two different ISPs so I don't think it's on my end... :confused:

Yeah, I've been having problems since Friday. It was okay either early Friday evening or Thursday (I don't remember which), then it was acting like you say. The home page comes up, but when you click on the links nothing happens.

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That whole resource was little more than a letdown for me and a lot of wasted inquiries.

You're better off getting testimonials thread by thread here. Most of us all know the standard players and what scores get what.

:shock: Dare I say it?? I agree with Clever. :lol:

Unfortunately, data on that site was not too helpful to me. :)

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