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I have been trying to clean up my credit for a couple of months now using the advice from this site. I started off with 28 baddies on my reports and now I am down to 11. I just got one of the worst off my reports which belonged to ARROW. I am currently working with the AG to remove Asset Acceptance and working with the BBB to remove several listed by West Asset. Thank you so much for all of the advice and reality checks that everyone has offered me on this site. I always thought that if there was something on your report that was negative you either had to pay it off or wait seven years for it to fall off. I am working on putting some good TL's on my report and also removing inqs and then I should be well on my way to purchasing the home which seemed unreachable a few months ago. THX to everyone here.xdancex xdancex xdancex xdancex xbeer2):woohoo:::travolta::::allhail::

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