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Does this message mean I'm getting the boot from Truecredit?

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About a half hour ago I tried to update on TC. This is the message that I got:


Your credit report indicates that additional security precautions must be taken before we can grant access to your credit report online."

Last night I requested a FA on Experian. That was preliminary to them getting my ID theft information in the mail which I sent out Friday and also so at some time I could dispute away some of the inquiries on the EX report. So, I don't know if TC finally caught on to me pulling each night to *b or EX passed on the FA. There message notes that they will share their FA with the other CRAs.

Either way, damn, I feel like a junkie who's been denied her fix. You know, pulling TC, looking at the changes, hoping for bumpage.

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I called them this morning and it had to do with the FA according to Raheema. They quizzed about a lot of stupid things to verify my identity. Like what was the original balance on your student loan?? Huh, shoot I don't remember that was years ago. Then she wanted to know my exact student loan payment amount. I told her and she sez, "That's wrong." I'm like, that is right, I know what I pay, I can't help that you have it wrong.

So she's verifying me from my f--king incorrect TU credit report. The one that I told her is wrong. Sorry, gee, I can't remember TU's drug-enhanced version of my credit. Finally, I got enough answers right that she unlocked my reports.

Then it still wouldn't let my pull a new report, said that I already have it. It looks like EX and EQ updated last night when I request the report. TU didn't and hasn't, grr. After my aggravation with the Indian CSR, I didn't feel like calling again to argue with them to get the TU of the 3 in 1 to update. I suspect they couldn't anyway.

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