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Adventures in Queens...

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Went to Target for some home shopping...

Cordless Phone


Lined Bamboo Baskets

Creme Brulee Bubble Bath

Address Labels

Slipper Socks - CHASEY!

Skirt Hangers


Tea Kettle


Coffee Maker

My house is coming together... ::travolta::

P.S. I was thinking, gosh darnit, now I have to go buy coffee and all kindsof stuff FOR the coffee maker...And, then I remembered, I have the best coffee all wrapped up in a little basket just waiting to be used. :coffeecup:

Thank you SS who refuses to come forward. xcanex Anyone know who here is from PA? :hmm:

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Well, I have a confession to make. I am 26-years-old and tonight, I used a coffee maker for the first time in my life. xcoffx I felt like such a goober reading the manual and following the instructions. But, I have to say, it came out pretty damn good. I got my bold blend in my shiny Starbucks cup.

I am a happy girl. ::Chasey::

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1 T of coffee per 1 cup of water. Atta' girl, it is all in the measuring! Worse cup of coffee in my life came from a guy indiscriminately dumping coffee in the basket and confessing, "I don't know how to make coffee." My straight up reply, "You are right."

haa haa, that's funny. What I do for coffee at work, I put in less water then the coffee is stronger. Some people use to use 2 pouches of coffee to double strength it then management caught on and told us to stop it. lol.

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Oh, wouldn't that be nice? He's kindof here in the sense that I'm watching That 70s Show. xsqueezex I just painted the baseboards. This coffee thing is no joke. xshotx I think I will try to get some z's though. I have Young Frankenstein recorded and I need to do some work-work on my laptop. :-((( I think I'll put the rest in the fridge and have iced coffee in the morning!!! :coffeecup:

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