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Can you sucessfully remove DMP while still on the program?


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I am in the final months of a DMP program (InCharge, who has been great) but I had no idea what impact it would have on my scores. I started out around $37000 in debt and am down to my last 5000, I have 11 months left to go, and have never missed a payment. However, I stumbled onto this site and pulled my scores-they are hovering in the 540's....Since I started on the DMP I have paid off my car on time, and have no open charge cards. I don't have any other neg trade lines or collections, but I also am a renter, and that will not change. I would like to take the next year and really focus on removing the DMP notation from my report, but during my searches, I did not see that anyone else had sucessfully done it. I would also like opinions on staying/or leaving the DMP program, as I could pay the OC directly now. I just was very naive when I started down this road. The OC is Citibank on both accounts...would it be worth a shot to write them and ask them to remove the DMP notation? Is that something to ask the big 3?

I appreciate any help/direction that is offered. I have learned so much over the past few months.

Thank you! :)

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