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These accounts wont come off for years !!


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I opened 3 HSBC cards in 2006. I defaulted and they were charged off in 2006 as well.

I disputed with the CRA's and the OC sent me the results of their investigation verifying the accounts as mine. They alssaid they sold the accounts to First Financial. I don't dispute whether the accounts are mine or not.

My problem is that these accounts will be on my CR for 5-6 more years. Is there ANY WAY to get them to report positively?

Should I try to negotiate with the CA? I can't afford to pay a lump sum, but I can afford to pay maybe $30 a month on each of the 3 cards. The CA are saying each card balance is a lil less than $500. (The CL when I had the cards was only $300, so the rest is excessive fees)

Should I even try to work with the CA or just deal with having 3 negative derogatory tradelines on my CR for the next 5-6 years?

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