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Portfolio Recovery


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Early last year, I received a letter from Arrow attempting to collect a bill from Verizon. I assume this is for home service as I have never had a cell plan with Verizon. Anyhow, I was never late or owed anything to Verizon and Verizon says they have no info on this account.....

I DVd Arrow and they did not respond. They did however show up on my CRs. I then sent a second letter to them telling them off and that I was going to sue them.

They dropped off!

Middle of last year, I pull my CRs and found that Portfolio is on there trying to collect a debt (for the same dollar amount) and they are collecting for Arrow.... What crap is that? Also, the account number is a VERI#### number so I can only assume it is the same.

1)I DVd and was ignored.

2)I disputed with CRAs and came back verified.

3)I sent a second CMRRR letter to Portfolio. They ignored me again.

4)I then sent a 2nd dispute to the CRAs.... again verified.

5)I then complained to the BBB. They ignored them too!

Now my question is... what do I do next? Do I sue them? Can I sue them? It appears that some on here have had them disappear on the first DV and others are having to continue to fight this with them.

At what point do you finally file suit? Any pointers are happily listened to!


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I would be happy to share anything that would help anyone nail those turd heads to the wall.

Just PM me and I use Yahoo quite a bit so if you have that we can chat on there.

The outcome of MY issue with them was I had them on the wall, ready to sue them, was going to win, but I erred. I wrote one wrong thing in my complaint to the BBB and the VA OCA. I didn't get to sue. However, they did remove their triplicate TL from all three of my credit files and agreed not to sell the acct to any other JDB.

I guess that was good enough for me, but after the six months of hell they put me through and all my time and effort I wanted them hung.

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