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Shell account stopped reporting

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I noticed on my credit reports that my Shell card had stopped reporting back in June. I sent an online message asking why it stopped. They told me to call in and I did this morning. She said that they are upgrading to a new system and therefore they aren't reporting anything right now. Once the new system goes into affect it should start reporting again.

It's kind of disappointing because my credit line has went through a couple of increases. It went from $350 to $675. I have a good payment history with them.

I guess it's not anything earth shaking but I wanted you guys to be aware in case you saw the same thing happen to your account. (I have a regular Shell station card so I don't know if this applies to the Citi version or not.)

It just seems that they would have not removed the old system until the new system was ready to take over the work.


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Citi took over exxon/mobil. I wonder why this is happening

with them.

I haven't had anything reported since last March. So I feel

your pain Mathew. Mine is an old old account. It's the history

I miss.

Everyone has called them, and though they've said

they will start reporting .....they never have.


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