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Experian Dispute Merry-Go-Round: They Grow More EVIL


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Okay, I am stuck with Experian, and I searched for a few key phrases and no posts come up. So, I suspect that Experian is using some new tricks.

I disputed a few inquiries on my credit report, and an entry for a mortgage loan that contained some incorrect information. What I got back was a series of very similar form letters. The letters are of two varieties (3 of one type, and 1 of another type). One problem is that the letters do not refer to which dispute they are answering--they just all say "we completed investigating the items you disputed". So, if I want to take this to the next level, I have a problem that I don't know which letter goes with which response. Is this perhaps a violation?

But on to the more meaty question. Here's where they get evil. All of the letters include a summary and a full credit report. On the summary, the letter says the following:

"We completed investigating the items you disputed with the sources of information. Here are the results:

Visit experian.com/status to check the status of your pending disputes at any time"

--That's all it says, and there is nothing specific in the report, no explanation whatsoever. Then, if you go to the experian website, like they tell you to do, you get this message:


Either you have not recently requested an investigation and there is no investigation pending, or some of the items that are being investigated may not appear until later because they required additional processing."

-so that's it, they haven't responded at all in any meaningful way. I want to get these baddies resolved, but I am one itchy trigger finger away from suing them and letting them explain this BS to a judge.

Any guidance on what to do? If I call the phone number they leave, it just takes you round and round without ever reaching a person.

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experian by faaaaaaaaaaar the worst! i cant get them to reinvestigate an item, i just keep getting "this item has already been investigated and remains". well, according to the others they did their job, investigated and deleted. i sent exp information from the creditors that i do not exist in their records. is there any other recourse i can use to get them to reinvestigate?!! i know if they do, they will be deleted, they tell me the proof i sent (name and phone # of person i spoke with at creditor listed on my report) was not enough??!! how is that possible, when they clearly state thats all they need to do reinvestigation??!!


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Check out the thread Meathod of Verification. You will find this helpful. :)++

The Method of Verification is BS, i think. It didn't work for me. EX just sends you a stupid letter saying what they did and how they did it to verify the info and if you don't agree with the results, contact the OC or CA directly.

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