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Read all the stickies, but still have a question


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Hey! My mom called me this morning and said a CA (allied is the name) called her house looking for my DH. I thought that was odd since i've been married 5 years and have never used her phone number for anything. And, we have different last names.

Allied has been sending us mail demanding money that bank of america hold sold them. I just got the first letter last week, and now they are calling. I won't call them back, but what should I do?

It seems from reading the stickies that I need to send them a letter asking for verification and tell them to stop all communication not done through regular mail...is that correct?

It sucks cause the OC just sold the debt about 3 weeks ago...and I was just getting ready to pay them off!



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Welcome Jessica!:)++

Ok, definitely do not talk to these idiots! They obviously have used the ol' skip trace to try and find your DH. If he ever listed your mom's address for anything chances are that address is somehow listed on his CR.

Do you know if they are reporting on your DH's or your credit reports?

You definitely do want to have them validate. You can use this link to read up more on that. Debt Validation

Good luck. :p

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