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Cant find out who this is....


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I just got a call from a number. I am pretty sure it is Global, but am not sure and google lookup is limited. I searched the site and couldnt find it...


Just curious as to who it can be... When I answered it went like this:

Him: Is cloudx there

Me: who is this

Him: is this cloudx

Me: I need to know who this is

Him: Bob in Georgia (weird noise then he hung up)

I know Focus is out in Georgia, but I have everything cleared up with them. So... Im not sure! Anybody know?

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From what I can find...

866-889-6743 - 6 Nov 2007

This is a marketing service who places marketing calls on behalf of their clients. It may be a survey, a cold sales call, or an invitiation to a corporate event.

I have received calls from this number by reps claiming to be from generic names such as Secure Computing and Iron Mountain. Basically just a telemarketing firm. I prefer to ignore them now and avoice using the companies that utilize such services.

Caller ID: 8668896743

Caller Type: Telemarketer

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You can google phone numbers. Just type in their tool bar or on their web site. A site I have found very usefull is: whocalledus.com. It's user friendly and you can post comments there if you'd like too.

Yeah theres not much on this number... If they call again, I will try to play along and see who it is...

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