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New collection came up today!!!


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At least to me, anytime you deal with a new entity, you are playing what do you know.

You know you got a letter from a collection agency. You are guessing it regards an old best buy account in which you tried and failed to set up a payment plan. And I will even add the guess is that the amount is starting to GROW.

Now if I were you I would have one immediate question.

Namely who is this collection agency and how do they operate? But since this is early, three main possibilities.

A. Best Buy still owns the debt and they are collecting in house. In which case the CA probally has all the account information.

B. Best Buy still owns the debt but they are farming it out on contingency to a third party collection agency. The CA may or may not have ready access to the account information.

C. Best Buy no longer owns the debt. They have sold it outright to some third party. This third party may have also bought the account information along with the paper, or they may have an agreement with the OC to have it furnished to them upon request, or best buy may have sold the debt without the account information and will refuse to furnish the account information to the buying CA.

TTiggers is a 100% correct to say fire up the DV 100% of the time, but where I come from,

we also play what do we know, and we design our DV letters Dependant on what we know and what additional things we want to know.

The more you know about them and the less they know about you, the better off you are. Its one of the reasons you stay off the phone with a CA.

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the ca is Corporate Receivables, Inc. I dont know anything about them but i will see if "search" comes up with anything!!

Ah, I have an identity theft account from 1999, where someone went and charged $1900 at Best Buy. I disputed all the accounts back in 2001 from Best Buy and I think at the time Sherman Acquisition and they dropped off. Lo and behold, they showed up this year in April sold to Arrow Financial. I've been fighting these idjits since then. Arrow more or less gave up. Then in November Corporate Receivables called me. I was and am through. I told the guy it wasn't mine and it was at least a year out of SOL. I haven't heard from them again. I just sent in a FTC complaint, an ID theft affidavit and a police report to EX and TU as well as the tools at Arrow and Corporate Receivables. It seems pretty silly to do this for a 8 year ID theft, but there you go.

BTW don't bother reporting Corporate Receivables to the BBB. They "don't care about the BBB" according to the rat b%$tard I spoke to. They didn't respond to a BBB complaint, though Arrow did.

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