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Filed Answer - Discovery?

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The court clerk told me that both parties need to be present. Cap One is suing for 2200.00, I wonder if the firm will fly someone down for that amount?

Here in California it is common for lawyers operating from a distance to hire a "rent-a-lawyer" to appear for them. "Rent-a-lawyers" are local attorneys who, for a modest fee, will "specially appear" when needed. It is common for them, during a single court session, to handle several cases, each time representing different collection agencies or law firms.


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This sounds more like mediation than arbitration.

Mediation is just a fancy term puting both of you in a room with someone to see if it can be worked out.

Arbitration is a mandatory decision that robs you of due process and limits your ability to appeal.

I agree, rock 'em on discovery, that is the key to victory.

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