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LHR Question

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While I am a Newbie I have been reading the threads for some time. I have had many account deleted but this one is really killing me. Any advice would be helpful.

LHR which is a JDB has listed on my Credit Report that I owe them for a cell phone bill. I DV'd within 30 days (there letter never said the wording about the 30 day window by the way), They then reported me to the Credit Bureaus, I disputed the accounts they verified. They sent me copies of statements. I sent them a letter saying this is not enough. They then sent me a Affidavit that said:

1. I am the Director of Operations of LHR doing business at (address), and am authorized to make oath on behalf of LHR, Inc. accordingly.

2. I am over 18 years of age, am competent to testify, and have personal knowledge of the facts set forth herein.

3. In the capacity of my employment, I maintain the books and records of LHR Inc., and have personal knowledge that said records are kept in the ordinary course of business and it is the regular practice to record such transactions on or about the time of occurrence.

4. LHR, Inc. purchased a portfolio of charged-off accounts receivable from Rural Cellular Corp on or about 9/3/07. Included in that purchase was the indebtedness of (my name).

5. LHR, Inc. is a bona fide assignee of Rural Cellular Corp, the original creditor of the indebtedness of (my name).

6. In the ordinary course of business, and as is customary in the credit industry, Rural Cellular Corp destroys all paper documentation on its accounts while maintaining true and accurate electronic records documenting the payment history and account status.

7. As such, Rural Cellular Corp transmitted electronic data to LHR on 9/3/07 at the time of the aforesaid purchase that sets forth all the account information relating to the claim. A true and accurate copy of the printout of the aforesaid is attached hereto as Exhibit A.

8. I affirm that if I was to be called as a witness I can testify competently as to the facts of the indebtedness of (my name).

9. To the best of my knowledge, the defendant is not now on active duty in a branch of the military.

Then, he signed under a notary.

The cover letter said that the original creditor was First Equity Card (umm duh mistake) and they also sent me exibit A Which is says:

Acc.0.rcc billing system NE Commsoft

acc.0.write off amt 922.51

acc.o.images available False

Also there was a statement of account which says nothing new, It is signed by a notory (with no seal) (i did look up the number on the NY website)

The SOL is expired, they have commited several violations, and i simply want them to go away. Its not a huge amount so I would rather not sue if at all possiable. Can anyone offer suggestions on what to do next?

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My experience with LHR was pretty simple. I DV'd, they never responded and just deleted the tradelines. It seems as though they have provided enough to "validate". Maybe complain to the BBB stating your case. I have had some good results using the BBB in the past. If it is past SOL, they really have nothing to gain by pursuing. I would complain to BBB next if you are not interested in suing. My 2 cents, there may be differing opinions.

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Come let us reason together. We have the neomom version that the debt is past SOL. What Sol? But technically it can be credit reported for 7 years. As Scottb99 points out, the LNR DV sounds Hokie, it will not stand up in court, but it will stand up for a credit report.

What we don't have is the the LNR version, but let me guess from the JDB Mo. They bought the paper for tiny pennies on the dollar in a big package, they probably know they have zero chance of collecting in court, and they have just one big blackmail blugeon to hold over neomom. Namely the CRA negative rating that will not budge without LNR's blessing or the seven year credit report SOL tolling.

So we know the status quo.

1. Neomom does not want to go to court. Probably smart since its costly and little chance to make it profitable.

2. LNR has zero chance to collect in court. The affidavit will not stand up in court and its past SOL. LNR's only chance is therefore to annoy neomom into paying with the negative listing on the CRA. NET COST FOR LNR TO MAINTAIN STATUS QUO----------NEAR ZERO since neomom will not sue. And if not compelled, why should LNR quit reporting on neomom's

CRA's?????? Its their only chance!

3. After reading point #2, we can all see where the JDB is vulnerable. And the answer is obvious. We change the calculus. We make it EXPENSIVE for the JDB to maintain their listing with the CRA. We start with the AAA and end with the ZZZ. Only 40 cents a pop in the form of a form letter stating the facts in form of a complaint. And we never forget the BBB and our State AG. And some good fraction of complaints the JDB will have to field which is costs them MONEY.

Now lets look at a real world example for a junk debt buyer with zero operating expenses.

At a 4 % chance of collecting, a JDB could spend $400.00 for a $10,000 shot. And would break even if one attempt in 25 succeeded. And can afford to blow off 24 out of 25 failed collection attempts.

Now lets say that each and every welcome new client managed to cost the JDB just $50.00

in expenses fielding complaints. So each $10,000 account costs $450.00. And the 24 failed attempts suddenly costs the CA $1200.00 instead of zero. Lets make that as expensive as possible by complain, complain, and complain some more. And even better, now the the collection proportion must rise from one attempt in 25 to one in 17.333 when the facts won't

support any. So as we do de math, a 10% change in expenses, causes a 17.333/25 or a better than a 30% change in their calculus.


KITE THEIR COSTS at every available opportunity. Be creative.

In the case of asset acceptance, I was still wicking money out of those bastards long after they threw in the white towel. And come to think of it, I still have not forgiven those bogus bastards for trying to defraud me. Hit em again harder harder. When you have them on the ground and helpless, its a good time to start kicking them

Did I forget to mention that I hate junk debt buying CA's?

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Thanks for the comedy at least. I was going to write a letter to Trans-union and experian (who verified) and ask them to reverify. I did look up there BBB record and no suprise they hold an unsatisfactory record with them. I might try that route

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