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Economic Stimulus package

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I heard that if you're single, you'll get $600.

Married Filing Jointly: $600 EACH or $1,200.

$300 for each kid.

So, I'm married and I have 3 kids = $2,100.

Well, it's $2,100 more than I would've had - even if I gave it to them in the first place.

What a time to send out money - right before a presidential election!

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On cnn they keep bringing up the last time they did this in 2001. Statistics on how many people actually used those rebate checks for spending and not saving/paying down debt. I should pay down some of my debt, but I'll help out the economy instead...cuz we all know it needs all the help it can get. I'll be getting extra money anyways the last half of the year that's definitely going towards paying down my Tahoe loan and my CC's. Plan on getting a new vehicle on my return this time next year. A year should be plenty of time to get my utilization down and my scores up.

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Will you not talk about taxes yet, people? I have enough on my mind, without thinking that this year is going to be tax hell for me this year, I got a settlement, bought a house. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Excuse me, but could you please tell us how you really feel about this 8-)

just get a great accountant and it won't be too bad. Don't be like that HRblock commerical where the woman has her husband asking the box for help. LOL it is too funny

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The checks are supposed to come out at the beginning of June. I know EXACTLY where our money is going. :lol:

The AP story I read said most will be out in May and finishing off in June. I'm using my money for either paying off CC debt and/or my house payment. Plus I get to include 3 kids in my payday. :woot:

Told my oldest one going to college that I would give her the $300 I would get for her so she could use it for her CC bills for school.

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From what I understand, they want you to spend it and spend all of it as soon as possible. Should not be used to pay current debt;). Well, that what is being announced.

What if you go play black jack with it?

Maybe a strip club dare I say.

Here even better, donate it and then you have a write off for next year.

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Can someone catch me up. All I know is people are happy cause we're getting money. :hmm:

The government takes way too much of our money, so much so that they occasionally have to give some of it back.

Anyway, we had two quarters of negative growth which is the definition of a recession. This is supposed to increase consumer spending which bolsters sales and increases stock values. This is "trickle-up" economics.

Problem is everyone is going to use it at walmart or somewhere that doesn't need it and it will ultimately all end up overseas where the products are purchased from.

Best thing to do with it is spend it on a local service or get your car maintained at a non-chain garage... some small business would appreciate it most.

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