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Is a refi possible before or after BK7?


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Am waiting for answer from my attny. but am asking the group if anyone has experience with this or answers.

We've retained an atty for purposes of filing a 7, haven't gotten the whole fee paid yet. In addition we are 1/2 payment behind ($800)...in this state payments have to be current to file a 7. Lender has submitted request for deferral and/or hardship plan so hopefully that will work.

Our ARM is due in May so the payments may go up drastically; she talked about a refi now, then I disclosed what our BK plans were and all our "extra " money is going to the attny. Also talked about how with current credit a refi seems impossible, during the process may not be possible, and after discharge, who knows?

I think I've seen other postings about "life after BK" and someone getting a mortgage after discharge...I would think a refi would be just as "easy" since debt to income ratio is drastically improved, at the very least. The lender is Beneficial (originally HFC) and we've been with them 4 years, and previously for another period of time (same house) We'd love to avoid this increase in %% but it just doesn't seem possible now.

Any thoughts?

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