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Those of you that use True Credit to monitor...

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have you had this happen?

Today I log in to monitor any changes and it initially says I have TWELVE critical changes to my report! HOLY CR@P, what is that about. I look at a few of them on the "credit alerts" page and they are all existing accounts, but the "more info" on the "alert" says New Account.

Does anyone know why they post an alert saying "New Account" on existing accounts?

Help would be extrememly appreciated. Is there somewhere ON the True Credit site where we can ask questions about how to decipher the info contained in our report?

Thanks so much!

By the way, been using True Credit for 8 months or so and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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I've seen the same on my alerts. I would not pay it to much attention. It looks to me like a static label for that page...

Yep, same here. Discover updated its listing on my EQ report today to show that it's now paid off (finally!), and TrueCredit says "New Account" at the top of the alert. I typically ignore the alerts anyway, since they're usually delayed by a day or two, and by then I've already seen the full info on my report (if I pulled one recently).

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