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Javitch, Block & Rathbone L.L.P. debt collection attorney


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I did on an old bestbuy bill. Thay tried to sue us under someone elses card number. Did not provide validation before they took us to court etc...

They will keep changing court dates and lawyers to try and trip you up.

they would call my job/home even after told not to.

They are the worst even when they have nothing

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I hate JB&R.

They sue like crazy in the Ohio courts. Look up any docket and they are usually listed quite a bunch. Before they sued me *for Providian* they did hard pulls to my CR's. They sued under one name......then sold the account to a "different" company.

I had to get an attorney. I got the suit dismissed with predjustice as long as I agreed to drop my case against them.

Check around locally for an attorney dealing with them. They bank on the hope of either....you not showing up in court......or selling the accounts so much and suing you under the different names that eventually they would get a defaulted judgement against you.

Good luck

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