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Coolest job in the world...

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A neighbor of mine from the previous neighborhood I used to live told me that he was a tour guide for a vineyard in California... The best perk of his job was to drink wine, especially to show the people in the tour the differences between wines...

He told me he had a good buzz going every day while he was at work...

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I think his rule is no NOT drinking on the job!

That was pretty much the rule. He explained that any employee who worked in that role had to know his wines so drinking it was required, especially to demonstrate to the people in the tour why certain wines tasted different.

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How about incorporating a Fertility Clinic/Winebar combination facility!

Suggested Baby Names:







Pinot (I know, it would be really cruel to give that name to a boy) :)

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That guy is so lucky to have such a job, but i know about those wine tasters who have to lead a very restrictive lifestyle in order to get good tastes of wine. There is this asian guy who gets paid for sleeping in every room in the hotel as part of his job. Apparently he is not happy with his job. I wonder what there is to not like.

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