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Is There A Statute Of Limitations On Reporting Late Payments To Cra's?

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I Have Been Cleaning My Credit For Years. In 2007 I Ran My Reports And Saw That Suntrust Reported Me As Paying 30 Days Late In April. I Sent A Letter To Them Asking For Forgiveness. The Removed The Late Payment Just As Recently As November. In January I Received Another Credit Report And Suntrust Is Now Saying That I Paid Late In February 0f 2007.

Can Suntrust Do That? First Of I Did Pay Late In April But When I First Took The Loan Out There Was An Introductory Rate Which Kept Adjusting Because They Screwed Up The Rates. The Rates Not Only Continued To Change Bi-weekly But So Did The Payment. This Was There Mistake And They Are Pinning This On Me. I Have No Proof Because Everything Was Done Verbally Over The Phone.:(

To Add To My Frustation With Suntrust, A Phone Representative Tricked Me Into Opening A Checking Account In Order To Finally Fix The Introductory Rate My Loan. Suntrust Gave Me A 8 % Instead Of Giving The Intro Rate, For The 1st 3 Months, Of 4%.

The Checking Account Was Just A Ploy For That Person Over The Phone.

What Should I Do?

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First of all, stay off the phone. Anything you need to dispute has to be in writing, as well as any agreements or promises.

Dispute the late payment with the CRAs and the OC in writing CMRRR.

What they did to you is a classic bait and switch and there are laws in Florida dealing with those deceptive trade practices. Did you ever dispute the wrong APR in writing?

You might want to send a complaint to your state's attorney general and maybe the FTC.

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