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Anyone use Hotwire.com before?

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Tango and I are doing our 'big honeymoon' for our one-year anniversary in the Dominican Republic. (Woot!)

But we'd been trying to come up with smaller ideas for right after the wedding. So we decided on San Diego. Someone had told us about Hotwire and how he got a killer hotel in Vegas for really cheap from there. So we decided to check it out.

The difference is, the only thing they tell you is the price, what "star" hotel they rate it at, and the general area of where it is.

We were terrified, but decided to give it a shot anyway. Here are the hotels we got:

The first 3 nights, we got this resort for $136 a night (normally over $300 a night):



Loew's Resort. OMG! Soooooooo awesome looking!!!!!!! Four stars. In Coronado (a little island off of San Diego). SUCH a cool place, it looks like!!

Then, since Loew's wasn't available at the discount after that night, on the last night there, we got this hotel for $166 a night (normally at least $200 a night):




The W Hotel. EEEEEEEEEEE!! This one looks SO freaking awesome! And SOOO classier than we are. :lol:

Needless to say, I highly suggest Hotwire. They surprised the hell out of us!! :)

So.......what all should we do in San Diego?


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There's "Old Town", wonderful! They have this place called "el agave" - it's a tequila bar. It's freaking awesome! All of diego is really beautiful, I used to live there for 10 years...Sea World, the Zoo and Wild Animal Park is really cool, as is Coronado...OOH You have to walk the coronado beach to the "Hotel Del"....freaking beautiful!


And Balboa Park, Mission Bay Park...beautiful. You can actually walk the waterfront from Downtown (near the airport), Mission Bay Park I think is the one around there...

But def. Old Town, y'all need to check that area out!

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I just checked out Hotwire to see if the rates I get could be got for a cheaper one-I had to book five rooms for a group at a mandated rate in a hilton hotel in the bay area for early feb-hotwire was only $12 more for the room, a really good deal for my vacation in NYC in late March ...thanks for the input. On to SD, the GasLamp area has become a little distressed but the restraraunts remain at 5 star prices...try Felipes in Little Italy, it is a classic. Seaside and Old Town are typical tourist draws with the candy stores and t-shirt shops in abundance, but still a kick- in Seaside, you can eat a meal overlooking the wharf

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I lived in San Diego for 3 years. Its really pretty.

I say LEGOLAND!!!!!

The Zoo was "OK". We have just as good of a Zoo here in Tulsa so I would pass on that. Sea World ROCKS! The Wild Animal Park is great too. Just rent a car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. That was one of my favorite things to do.

OH and I am not sure if its that time of the year or not but I went whale watching once, it was AWSOME!!!!

The water will be cold so don't plan on swimming in the ocean and you have to pay to go to the beach, just plan for it. That was one of the most annoying things. Having to pay for nature...

San Diego is a wonderful place to VISIT.

San Diego Visitor's Guide

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